About Sense of Direction

eeke wizman trainer coachThe point of view of Sense of Direction is that you have the power to make your life enjoyable and satisfactory with all the skills and luggage you have been collecting during your life. You have the option to choose every day what you want to do with it.

Philosophy and method

My philosophy and methods are based on 3 beliefs:

  • Awareness: become aware of yourself and your questions.
  • Acceptance: admit, integrate and have peace with yourself as you are.
  • Action: choose your direction. Decide what you want do or change. Break old patterns and start your new fresh and open path.

This is what Sense of Direction is all about. This is what I can and am willing to help you with.


Everybody has the right qualities and skills in order to have a wonderful life. With the right invitation and motivation you can research and remember these skills and qualities you possess.

My joy is to present you with this right invitation. To inspire you to make progress and to help you reconnect to your inner resources, in order for you to make your life as comfortable and satisfying as possible.

A sense of direction…

I'm Eeke Wizman and I am a certified trainer. Freshly and openly I would like to invite you to explore your possibilities. I give to-the-point workshops which can help you discover yourself and all what you comprise.

Because of my background I am ‘jack of all trades’. I have personal and professional life experience in various countries and layers of society, with their many different social and economic aspects. I speak English, Spanish and Dutch fluently. That is why my workshops can be taught in these languages.


I was born in Amsterdam. Since then I have lived in Madrid, Berlin and Tel Aviv. In 2003 I became Master of Arts in Communication and Information Sciences at the University of Groningen. I had various appointments in the Communications sector, home and abroad. I have worked for the European Parliament in Madrid and Grand City Hotels and resorts in Berlin.

As manager Communications at this international organization, I managed to collect  vast life- and professional experience. After I became a certified trainer in 2007 at ICM in Utrecht (The Netherlands), I have broadened my horizon by giving awareness workshop for the Intercultural Alliance in The Hague and teaching trainers to run the “Classroom of Difference” program.

With love and dedication I currently work as a freelance trainer. I have created and given many awareness workshops and lectures on study capabilities, speed-reading, speed learning, presentation skills and interview- and survey techniques. Apart from these activities I have also advised and coached various entrepreneurs and individual people in my private practice.

But especially my interest in constantly being up-to- date with current training- and coaching techniques has enlarged my trainers' spectrum.

I have successfully completed master classes in Voice liberation techniques, Voice Dialogue techniques, Body Consciousness coaching, Playback theatre as a group training-tool and Systemic coaching and counseling.

My company “Sense of Direction” engages in various activities like giving and creating workshops, coordinating speaker-rounds and organizing events. All with the general theme of giving a sense of direction to its participants.

In my free time I spend time with my three children and husband. I dance frequently and love to travel.

I also keep seeking to enrich my knowledge in the field of personal development and new training- and coaching methods. Therefore I frequently attend new workshops and lectures to learn new ways of looking at what I do. My challenge is to adapt this knowledge to give a better sense of direction to my course participants.



Workshop Schedule

08. 11. 2019 - Choose the right Study

An easy step to enable you to choose the right study for you.
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17. 11. 2019 - Sense of direction: the base

Get inspired in 4 evenings and become aware of your own power.
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25. 11. 2019 - Smart learning

Change your study techniques and double your study-speed
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14. 12. 2019 - Presentation skills

Improve your current presentation skills, overcome your speaking anxiety and captivate your audience
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17. 12. 2019 - Study skills

Learn how to study efficiently and gain insight in tips and tricks to make studying easier and more effective.
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13. 01. 2020 - Sense of direction for parents

For parents who want to help their children make the right choices in life concerning study and career.
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10. 02. 2020 - Power of Positivity

An easy step to enable you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.
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