The workshop is about how to choose the right study for yourself. During this 2 hour workshop we will identify who you are, what you are capable of doing and what you want in life.

For who?

For young adults between 18 and 24 years old, who are wondering what study they should choose.


During this workshop we will dive into the question 'Who you are'. This can be quite clouded by influences from your surroundings, your life experiences and expectations from others. Then we will look at what you are good at and like doing currently, after which we will think about what you would ideally want for yourself in life. This we will all pour into a workable actionplan. By the end of the workshop you will leave with a better sense of your own direction.


8 th Nov. Time: 16:00h – 18:00h FULL
22 nd Nov. Time: 16:00h –18:00h FULL
9 th Dec.  Time: 09:15h - 11:15h

Location: Minervalaan 109
Costs: 40,- euro



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