During your life or one of my workshops you could encounter some aspects of yourself or your life, which could deserve a better look. I offer individual and private coaching sessions which can help you shed the needed light on the subjects you would like to address in your life. I’m specialized in two coaching techniques which will bring you quickly and easily to the core of your dilemma’s or questions and could present you with the answers to them. I can help you achieve a deeper and more profound sense of direction in your life in line with your Life Purpose and Core Value. 

Voice Dialogue

Voice Dialogue is the basic method for contacting, learning about, and working with the many selves that make up each of us. Via a Voice Dialogue session you can learn how these selves determine the way you see the world, control your behavior, and limit your choices.  

In a Voice Dialogue session the various selves are invited to speak freely, to manifest themselves with all their energy. The ultimate goal is to get to know your “selves” in all dimensions and to acquire more possibilities of choice from an increasingly aware ego.

Systemic work

Systemic work is a different way to look at situations and/or problems. Everybody is connected with their family dynamics. This can be of big influence on the choices we make in life.  Often this is an unconscious connection which creates blocking life-patterns. By becoming aware of these patterns you can gain insight in what stops you from living your life to the max.

During a systemic work session you can become aware of the various systems you are part of after which you can begin to restore the balance in yourself and your own system.



Discovery Session : € 165,- excl. VAT 

Duration session: 90 minutes


Coaching Session:  120,- excl. VAT

Duration session: 60 minutes

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