Playback Theatre

Mothly workshop during which we experiment with various playback theatre techniques and prepare ourselves for the actors' and audience work within a group. We experiment with the actor's roles while dressing up and editing our shows. We learn how to listen to a story and how to hear the story 'behind the story' and quickly process it for a playback event. 

It is an intensive and creative interpersonal process in which participants become familiar with the playback theatre framework through a mutual group exploration.

The exploration includes three dimensions:

1. The playback theatre as a "language": activities, techniques, forms of reflections, the theatre short events. (Performance skills)

2. Its potential in contributing to creativity, thinking manoeuvres, improvisation skills and to the empathy capacity. (Intra personal skills)

3. Verbal and non verbal communication; text and sub-text; stories and their telling, unconscious connections between participants in the workshop. (Interpersonal understanding)

Playback Theatre is originally an artistic performance medium, which was developed in America (1975) by Jonathan Fox, actor and drama-therapist.  Although Playback Theatre is not primarily a therapeutic technique it is adaptable for use in groups by therapists who are also trained in Playback Theatre. The therapeutic value of theatre in general and playback Theatre in particular becomes even more significant when thegroup members experience catharsis, connection, and self-expression through telling their stories and participating in enacting stories of others.


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