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“As a consultant for Study and Career at the Free University of Amsterdam, I see Eeke as a very experienced, capable, trustworthy and enthusiastic trainer. Just a few words of explanation are needed for her to comprehend fully what an assignment is all about. She works efficient and is very professional. On average the students rate Eeke very high. I think it's a combination of the peace she emits and her professionalism.”

Hanna Janssen, Consultant for Study and Career, Free University Amsterdam

Enthusiastic, inspiring and competent. These words immediately emerge when I try to define Eeke. Therefore, as a teacher at the Free University of Amsterdam, I like to work with her. When she gives the workshops Speed-learning or Presentation skills, I know that good results are guaranteed. Her enthusiasm is contagious for the students. By using her energizers she knows how to make each workshop a nice experience. Furthermore she is also always willing to participate in thinking about the content of any suggested workshop. For those who are looking for an experienced and inspiring trainer, Eeke is the person you are looking for.” 

Marijke van Dijk, teacher at the Free University Amsterdam. 

"For my work at the Centre for Study and Career, I collaborate with a lot of different trainers. It is lovely to work together with Eeke: she is sociable, spontaneous and always delivers fantastic work. We notice it again and again because of the outstanding evaluations we get from the students who have followed her workshops!"

Carin Weitering, staff member student affairs at the Centre for Study and Career.

"Every year Eeke Wizman gives various workshops and courses for the Centre for Study and Career (CSC) at the Free University of Amsterdam (VU). As a consultant for Study and Career at the CSC I have regularly collaborated with Eeke. She is a professional with a broad rage of employability, who delivers high quality and who knows how to meet and accommodate the various learning needs of different students. Eeke is committed, enthusiastic and knows how to create a safe and pleasant environment for the group. When I need trainers for an assignment, she is high on my list."

Marjolein Touwen MSc, Consultant for Study and Career, Free University Amsterdam


Course participants

"Last February I have attended a workshops led by Eeke Wizman. The workshop was inspiring and fun. Eeke's specialty is to create group dynamics that instantly make people connect and relate to each other in unexpected ways. Eeke's sense of humour, pragmatism and intuition make her presentations inspiring and moving. I definetely recommend her trainings and workshops." 

Francesca Polo, trainer & coach 


"If you can not see the sun behind the clouds, you can at least remember that it is there for you. If your daily routine makes you feeling tired and unhappy, you can try to find inspiration in small things around you. 

From the workshop "Power of Positivity" I've got a number of secret hints. Now I know how to take over my mood, my thoughts and my behavior which makes me more productive and successful person each day of my life. 

Besides, we analized the idea of my development in the future. Where do I aim, what is my way and what steps should I take to make the dream come true. I did not dare to dream that much... But having a professional coach besides me, now I have not just a dream, but a certain plan for self-development. 

I really appreciate taking part in a workshop "Power of Positivity". My meeting with the coach Eeke Wizman effected me a lot. She is highly professional, delicate and wise. Eeke, thank you for your help, empathy to people and passion to what you're doing!"

Marina Krylova, stylist


"I have followed various courses and workshops given by Eeke. Her patience, gentleness and calmness, made me feel at ease and gave me the impression that Eeke understood what I needed. According to my opinion, Eeke sees and senses well what is needed within a group and has the capacity to anticipate these needs. Therefore her workshops go smoothly and correspond well with my needs.

Eeke has a lot of knowledge which she applies interactively in the group. She engages the group in its own processes and makes the workshops palpable and concrete by using among others presentations and visualizations. Therefore the course participants feel invited to participate actively. There is space for personal feelings, thoughts and creativity and Eeke will never judge them. This makes her save and very accessible. 

The reason why I started to sign up for courses given by Eeke was that at the time I was at an impasse and I needed guidance and support. Eeke taught me to believe in my self and to act using my own strength. Eeke, initially made me aware of my own qualities after which she thought me how to use them in daily life. I’m still very grateful for that.

What I like so much about Eeke is that she was also available after the workshops for my questions and doubts. This proves, according to me, her professionalism and her commitment"

Ronith Neamlich, stewardess

"Overall I would describe myself as a positive person but the workshop gave me more "wood to throw on my fire" "more oil to keep my motor running". It's wonderful to sit with a group of women and reflect on each other's experiences."

Elizabeth Winkel



"It is pleasant to work together with Eeke. She is engaged, careful and accurate. And she is very clear in her explanations. Her enthusiasm works contagious on me." 

Marion Nagel, Trainer & coach 



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