To-the-point and practical you can expand your collection of skills and qualities by attending one of the following workshops at Sense of Direction:

02. 02. 2015 - Playback Theatre

Psychoanalysis & expressive psychotherapies: We can make drama out of it!
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16. 04. 2015 - Smart reading

Double your speed of reading with the same level of understanding, eye for detail and storage of information
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18. 04. 2015 - Sense of direction: the base

Get inspired in 4 evenings and become aware of your own power.
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20. 04. 2015 - Power of Positivity

An easy step to enable you to lead a happier and more fulfilling life.
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16. 05. 2015 - Presentation skills

Improve your current presentation skills, overcome your speaking anxiety and captivate your audience
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30. 05. 2015 - Sense of direction for parents

For parents who want to help their children make the right choices in life concerning study and career.
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20. 06. 2015 - Study skills

Learn how to study efficiently and gain insight in tips and tricks to make studying easier and more effective.
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25. 07. 2015 - Smart learning

Change your study techniques and double your study-speed
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